Docunetix offers a wide range of services and flexibility, including In-House Licensing and Cloud Subscription Plans available.

PaperPark Features?

-  Attached Scanner
-  Multi-function Machine
-  Watch Folder/s
-  Ad-hoc or Batch Scanning

Batch Scanning and Importing

- Auto Validation based on

 predefined data field format

Data Validation

- Fixed Page Count
- Blank Page Separator
- Bar code Separator
- Pattern Separation

Auto Document Seperation

- OCR, Barcode, OMR recognition
- Zonal or Semi structured 

  recognition Templates
- Database Look-u

Auto Indexing

- Batch Upload Template Configurator
- Export File renaming
- Text Index File or XML index File
- Document Merging & Watermarking
- Auto Cropping
- Auto Conversion to Image PDF        

  or Searchable PDF
- Matching, Audit & SLA Report

Flexible Export and Upload

- Workflow Graphical Designer
- Rule-based Routing
- Auto Task Distribution

Flexible Document Capture Workflow

PaperPark Functions?

PaperPark works with any type of scanner, and is compatible with the file format you choose, including:

    - Image formats: TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF and etc.

    - Green Files: MS-Office, email, CAD files

    - Multi-Media files

 Manage all Types of Document File Formats 

PaperPark is no limited to searching the cataegory or file name, you can find information by searching on any text in the document. Streamline your searches and save valuable time with OCR, including:

    - Index Search

    - Full Text Search

    - Secured Document Viewer for Image Files, PDF & Office Document

    - Text Searchable for TIF images

    - Document Version Control

 Search & View Functions 

PaperPark put all the documents in one place & automatic seperation that can share with all departments.,including:

   - Batch Export of index data and object data

   - Batch Printing with pre-defined template

   - Document Sharing, Printing Emailing and routing of document

   - Reports for document matching

 Office Automation 

PaperPark can set access permissions for entire classes of documents and data objects, as well as individual documents and objects, and even for different versions of the same document or object – including assigning roles that give different levels of access to different users or user groups, such as managers., including:

   - Objects are Encrypted

   - Access Control By Group, User,  Index Fields (e.g. Department, Document Type), Search Template

   - Functional Control for Search, View, Edit, Print, Export, Email Delete and etc.

   - Comprehensive Audit Log


PaperPark Design & Licensing?

- Microsoft .net 

- C# Development

- Web Services

- MS-SQL Server as Database

- Client User Interface - Internet Explorer

- Web based

- Cloud Ready

1. In-house System

      -Server Component License

       (CM Server, Recognition Server, Workflow Server)
      -Client Licenses
       (Concurrent Client License, Guarantee d login Name User/s)


 2. Cloud Subscription Model

     -Setup fee
     -Yearly Server subscription
     -Monthly user subscription



PaperPark Suite is the best-in-class document management solution to transform your paper documents into valuable assets, taking your business into the next level, your business can be more effective & efficient. Contact us now for a demo>>